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Given Yamagata’s lyrical insight into the ways of love, we asked the former Chicagoan (who now resides in Philadelphia) to share her favorite local spots for finding and igniting romance, and recovering from its often-messy aftermath.

Best place for a romantic first date Angelina Ristorante.

Yamagata has appeared numerous times as a guest vocalist for other artists including: Jason Mraz's "Did You Get My Message?

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Then he started asking me about my favorite sexual acts.

I informed him that I had a Fet Life page and he revealed to me that he did as well, so we checked out each others’ pages.

It wasn’t that big of a deal as far as fetishes go – not like he asked me to shear a sheep so we could screw on some real lambswool. I was actually looking forward to chatting with him because according to the algorithm, we answered over 90% of our questions the same (or similar enough).

I did him a solid and dressed up and painted my toenails to his specifications.

It seems apropos that, on the way to meet Rachael Yamagata, I saw a man run through oncoming traffic to help an old woman in danger of getting hit while crossing the street.

That type of singular, romantic gesture is the kind of moment captured in vivid relief in Yamagata's music, which aptly traverses the minutiae of modern love, from first blush to the messy complications, and many points between.I'm not used to hearing from Creatives, so when I found out Yamagata would be stopping in my home town of Philadelphia while on tour to promote her new album, I jumped at the chance to interview her to learn more about her productivity habits as an indie artist.I was curious as to why artists need to be concerned about productivity anyway.Then he started dipping his toe into the sex pond, and he couldn’t stop talking.At first Gabriel wanted to know if I liked to cuddle, and I answered yes.Rachael Yamagata (born September 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist from Arlington, Virginia.

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