Who is miranda raison dating

With the end of the Cold War, many of us might have assumed that spies are now the stuff of fiction.But with the death of MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams and the unmasking of red-haired Russian spy Anna Chapman, spooks are incredibly topical again. I've very much a mongrel, which is good in a way because it makes me quite a blank canvas," she acknowledges.

Cheekily, hopefully, I ask if they were at all tentative about getting together, both having failed marriages to fellow actors behind them (her to Josh Dallas, him to Spooks co-star Miranda Raison). We were getting married in the States but a lot of our friends and family are here.” Pulver comes from Southend; Jaffrey is the youngest of four children born to an Indian sea captain and a “blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scouser” who moved to London when he was a few weeks old; he was educated at Dulwich College.

I’m not really expecting an answer, but Jaffrey becomes tongue-tied, then exuberant.“Lara is such a fantastic girl, she really is, and we… we are really excited about getting married this year,” he blurts. Having said the word “married” three times in 30 seconds, a measure of reticence kicks back in.

The wedding will be “in town” and the honeymoon probably in New Zealand “because we love being out in nature and stuff”.

Last year Pulver suggested she might want children soonish.

He and Pulver love Los Angeles because of its newness.

“We live on Mulholland Drive: you can stand up there and look downtown, and there was nothing there 100 years ago, just scrubland.” They hike and explore California together, but they also have the use of a friend’s flat in Marylebone when they come back. Something Lara and I tend to do each time we get back to London is take that walk across Waterloo Bridge and along the Thames, out east as far as we can go before we get tired.When Myles walks up to me in Brown's tea room — demure, blonde, very English — she is obviously nothing like her screen character.But then her role in Spooks isn't quite what it seems either; and by the end of the episode we find out that she is not a prostitute but a spy called Beth Bailey.Within 40 impressively short minutes they convincingly move from strangers to lovers, all the while ‘flat battling.’ The humour hits a high when Juliet’s pseudo-boyfriend Luke (played by Luke Neal) arrives to rough up Alex into leaving the flat, only to bond with him and desert her.The acting is strong and the characters intriguing. He likes to complete things; she likes to destroy things.The play follows the lives of Alex (Shaun Evans) and Juliet (Miranda Raison) who meet in the most unlikely of situations: they both move into the same flat on the same day.

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