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They have gorgeous, elegant homes and great taste, so I did it. Plus, I could already see in my head, people lined up for miles to tell me how I ruined it by painting it. ”) Here she is after her espresso stained make-over: I shared how I removed the original stain without sanding in this post.

To stain, I applied two coats of Minwax Polyshades in Espresso, using a stain-friendly brush. I can’t get enough of the curved detail on the back of these chairs: Allright, enough gushing about the chairs… There is only one small, teeny, tiny, itty bitty problem.

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If you're tired of your kitchen table, you don't need to get rid of it and start from scratch; a few coats of paint can easily turn it into a beautiful new piece.

Or if you found a beaten-up kitchen table at a flea market or garage sale, you can create the table of your dreams with just a few coats of paint.

Alrighty folks, the post you’ve been anxiously awaiting (in my mind you’ve been on the edge of your seats) is finally here! Okay so I realize that some of you have never even heard of said dining set, so allow me to catch you up to speed.

You see, I bought this dining set at a local thrift store a couple of weeks ago: Ain’t she a beauty? Love love loved it and had to have it, called hubby and convinced we had to have it. Brought it home a couple of days later (fabulous cell pic): You might be saying, “But didn’t you just redo a set of dining room chairs?? I still love them, however they are not very sturdy at. I still have them for extra seating because they are pretty.

Applying primer paint in advance to painting over darker color paint will make your painting preparation easier.

Painting requires considerably less preparation time than wallpaper.o WALLPAPER: PROS: Very durable and will hold up to wear and tear of children, high traffic areas and many varieties are scrubbable.In the premiere episode of Shop This Room, host Danielle Colding - winner of HGTV Design Star season 7 - meets David and Rebecca Levitsky in Huntington, NY.They have a bland and dysfunctional kitchen that desperately needs help.Factors to consider are ease of application, cost, and versatility to your space.Whichever you choose your walls will benefit from the addition of paint or wallpaper.o WALLPAPER: CONS: Removing existing wallpaper can be a tedious task that requires patience and the right tools to be effective.I applied it probably a lot thicker than I should have and so it went on very opaque. (At first I was very disappointed by that since I worked really hard to take it back down to the beautiful bare wood, but after two years, it does still look really pretty.) This is a stain and poly in one, so there is no need for a sealer. I don’t still pretty, it’s just that I was so excited to start my new plan, but chose to play it safe. If you are the slightest bit unsure about something? Miss Mustard Seed featured this cute as all gal from The Ironstone Nest a couple of weeks ago and she showed this sign from her brand new shop: See in there where it says, “Have no fear, trust your instincts”? For now this table still allows our family to gather together for dinner.

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