Start menu not updating vista

By the way, it is an older computer but has been upgraded with Windows XP (I believe). Hello, I spent 5 day to solve this problem Ctr Alt Delete // File - New Task (run...) // // OK This will show your desktop icons but not solve the problem To solve it just do this steps 1- copy "explorer.exe" from other clean computer (from C:\WINDOWS) 2- in your computer go to C:\WINDOWS 3- show hidden files from (Tools - Folder Options - View - Show hidden files and folders) 4- delete and any other files start with explorer...

5- put the new file (explorer.exe) 6- log off or restart 7- log on Congratulation your desktop healthy now I have seen this happen to various logins in Windows XP, on a number of computers.

Ctrl-Alt-Del does not give you a shut down option, and the Start Shut Down option is also missing. The key for me was closing the running applications before starting It didn't work on mine but my one of my buds gave me a solution that worked and was very easy.. I have had this same problem with multiple machines running windows XP.

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The screen came back up blank with no icons and no start menu. When I bring up task manager everything seems to be there.

I can bring up Internet Explorer and AOL along with her other documents.

Hello, My friend restored her computer last week because it didn't offer her any other options (or at least that is what I was told) and I am trying to help her bring it back up.

When the main screen came back up it said that there was no desktop.

If it’s not set to Manual or Automatic, then double-click on it and change the startup type to either one of these.

If the service is configured correctly, but BITS will still not start up properly, check to make sure none of the dependent services are disabled.

Although you can remove an item from the list by right clicking it and selecting Remove from the menu, it’s not possible to add items to this area yourself.

Windows can be prevented from auto-populating the MRU list in the or the MRU list, right click and select Pin to Start from the menu.

Live tiles can be resized and unpinned by right clicking them and selecting the required action.

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