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Although most of them adapt to 4inch vent hose, there is no standard to where on the back of the microwave the vent is attached, and this can effect where you need to cut your hole in the wall, especially in 2X4 walls where you won't have a lot of room to offset the vent.

The fact that there is no standard makes this a problem over and over again, which is why most people just let it vent into their kitchen.

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I was looking at the top finishers for the department of energy's "Race to Zero Student Design Competition" ( ) and found the winner used the Unico system. I recall actually being in a home in Chattanooga once 15 yrs ago that I believe had one of these systems, but I really know nothing about them. And now, with our i Series Multi Split line, you can achieve rated performances of between 16.5 and 20 SEER.

With the problems associated with finding small enough systems for well insulated homes and cost effective systems..anyone know if I should be looking at this as an alternative? I would strongly encourage you to visit our site for the Green market,

The size of the cooking surface, the amount of heat produced by the cooking surface, and the volume of the kitchen.

If the range hood is attached to a wall, you should have 100 cubic feet per minute(cfm) per linear foot.

This is virtually a clone of the Earth4Energy scam, so I will just cover their marketing claims here.

For more a general review, see our earth4energy review here.

But the decision to use a powerful fan and tiny ducts exacts an energy penalty.

That's why Unico has tried to use litigation to argue that it should be exempted from minimum energy efficiency standards.

I've got a Whirlpool over-the-range microwave that is currently venting back into the kitchen.

I'd like to poke a hole through the wall and vent it directly outside.

What happens in three years when I want to replace it with another brand?

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