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Happily he didn’t leave drive away and strand her at the store because he needed to get into character.

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But knowing that he’s that kind of actor, who has to market his method-ing as a mark of his man-acting kinda makes him a lot less cool.

As for Garrett, the main gossip story about him this year is that he and Kirsten Dunst broke up.

He had dinner with Diane Kruger in September but we know now that that was simply a friendly meeting.

From a documentary about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to a thriller in which Texas tries to secede from the United States, the 2017 Sundance Film Festival gets more eclectic as director John Cooper and programming head Trevor Groth announce the lineups for the upcoming edition’s Premieres, Documentary Premieres, Spotlight, Midnight, and Kids sections on Monday.

The “Fargo” star has split from actor Garrett Hedlund, 33, after dating for four years, E! The breakup comes as a surprise as the pair were recently seen together and smiling wide at the Golden Globes in January.

KRISTEN DUNST CO-STARS IN DARKLY FUNNY SECOND SEASON OF 'FARGO' The notoriously private actress dished on her beau last summer, saying the romance was going “really well.” "We're the same age.

He’s labelled as “Charlie Hunnam” in one of the agencies.

Garrett and Charlie are friends and Charlie even challenged Garrett to the 22 pushup challenge in the summer. If you’ve seen the video, send it to me immediately please and thank you.

The film was directed by Walter Salles and based on Jack Kerouac's novel of same name.

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