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Those records have an ACL on them to stop registered records from being hijacked by other hosts.

When DHCP is used to allocate IP addresses, the default configuration is shown below—which tells the DHCP server to register records in DNS on behalf of clients only if requested to do so by the client or if the client is unable to dynamically register (e.g., Windows NT 4.0).

dns not updating server 2016-58

Microsoft continues to release semi-quarterly Cumulative Updates of firmware for the various LPE models.

In the round of releases in December 2012 and January 2013 (aka CU7) official support for Lync Server 2013 was added, as well dropping the ‘2010’ from the previous name of .

It is important to understand that although Lync Server 2013 brings a host of new 2013-branded clients (e.g.

Windows, Mobility), the (LPE) client was not updated in the same manner.

I then installed and activated a license server on the same machine. Finally, I added the license server and the network service account to the Terminal Server License Servers group in AD.

After a restart, RD Licensing manager is reporting all green checks.

I verified that only 2 simultaneous interactive logon sessions would work. The roles installed properly, but I received an error when creating the session collection. This seemed odd to me, but upon checking Server Manager all seemed to be normal.

I then tested the number of simultaneous connections again. Maybe this is due to RDS licensing not being installed or configured?

However RD Licensing Diagnoser is reporting it is not configured with a license server. This led me to check the deployment properties and I found it was configured for Per User mode with the correct server.

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