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"Too many parents attempt to communicate through their children," Neuman says, "which causes undue emotional stress on them and forces them to negotiate a situation their own parents could not handle.Email is an excellent tool nowadays to communicate with your ex-spouse.While it's really hard to become an empty nester when your kids go college, it can also be difficult if they graduate and move back in without a job or any kind of direction.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d address a reader’s comment. I have a dating tip that has to do with what I call "gift wrapping yourself." What I mean by that is, you and your first date could really really be right for each other, but he or she never got past the fact that there was no physical attraction. I think there are a lot of men and women out there who have divorce regret.

It comes from a caring daughter who is worried about her mom being lonely, and wants to know how she can help her. The vast majority doesn’t admit it, to themselves or to anyone else, but I feel for people who have regret.

Don’t jump to conclusions about infidelity, start pointing fingers and destroying trust until you have done your homework.

Nothing is more irritating nor does more damage to a relationship than a spouse who is constantly questioning their partner’s faithfulness.

If you are an attractive, intelligent woman and know your worth, you owe it to yourself to try mutually beneficial dating.

No longer will you be the one putting everything into a relationship only to find out that the man you thought was going to upgrade your lifestyle and show you his affection is not going to.

It allows you to specifically discuss the practicalities of raising your child without detouring into negative areas and opening old wounds.

It also provides a recorded message, admissible into court, so parents tend to be more careful when using it.

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