Dating an ex nun

The priest took her to his home, stripped off his clothes and ordered her to do the same.

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As a single Catholic, I desired marriage, but I wasn’t ready yet.

So if you are a single Catholic who wants to move forward with your life, how do you get there?

'Becoming a nun was my own choice and I don't regret it, but of course I never thought I'd experience marriage and children - so I really appreciate family life.' So what made Deborah become a nun?

Growing up in Warwickshire in the Eighties, Deborah admits to being a typical gregarious teenager, going to parties, dating boys and listening to Wham and Spandau Ballet.

There were also secret homosexual relationships among the nuns and at one point she was forced into such a relationship by another nun who told her she preferred this kind of arrangement as it ruled out the possibility of pregnancy. I want to express my feelings and to explain what happened to me...

I want people to know how I have suffered," she told The Independent last night, speaking from the town of Kozhikode.

I’d like to share my journey of how I navigated the rough waters of being a single Catholic and the lessons I needed to learn and experience in order to hear what God was inviting me to do with my life.

As a young (ish) professional, my calendar was packed full and I was busy every weekend.

In fact married people might even “fall in love” with someone else, but that doesn’t mean they have to act on it.

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